Our quality commitment

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COPHANA strives to offer its clients a superior quality service with a commitment to comply with the strictest standards in force in the healthcare sector and a commitment to comply with quality standards greater than the market norm.


COPHANA is a team of qualified professional who puts every effort each day into providing you with a quality service, high responsiveness, availability and flexibility. Collaborating with COPHANA means, for us, a commitment and performance guarantees in all operations. At COPHANA, quality targets are clearly defined and known by each staff member.


Moreover, we are a service provider which adapts to your requirements and which will live up to your expectations. At COPHANA, the high degree of customisation that we offer you allows you to advise us of your requirements and to provide us with your own specifications vis-à-vis yourself and your own clients. COPHANA thus undertakes to be in line with your "Quality Manual".


Our quality commitment is as follows:


  • COPHANA complies 100% with the "Good Distribution Practices" (GDP) standards in force in the European Union.
  • All operations and procedures are under the supervision of our head pharmacist. 
  • COPHANA's procedures are coordinated with those of the laboratories.        
  • Total and unconditional transparency of operations with our clients. You have online access to all transaction details including the batch numbers and the "best before" dates of the products distributed. Full traceability of the batches from receipt to the point of delivery.
  • We have set up a "Quality System" which permanently provides staff training courses and improvements in operational processes and systems. 
  • Our error rate in the processing of orders is < 2.4/1000 order items. We have set installed tools which allow this error rate to be measured on a monthly basis.
  • We honour more than 90% of our deliveries on day D+1. 
  • Every new stock entry is done in a maximum of 3 days. 
  • Order preparation and tracking managed and controlled electronically.
  • Electronically managed picking which strictly applies the FEFO and FIFO rules within FEFO.
  • Automated management of stock outgoings for products outside of the sales limit. The sales deadline is normally set at 180 days before the "best before" date, but this configuration can be adapted in line with the client's wishes. The merchandise is then moved to the destruction area pending the client's instructions.


And if, despite everything, there is still a problem, complaints are dealt with in no more than 5 days. For this, we have set up integrated computerised system for managing complaints with a ‘face-to-face’ service. You have dedicated person from customer services who will fully follow up your complaint. 


Approved for all pharmaceutical distribution, at COPHANA, we hold, inter alia, the following licences:

  • n° 159 - "KB AR 6 June 1960" for the distribution of medicines.
  • n° 154 - "KB AR 12 April 1974" for the distribution of hormones.
  • I.92.00.11.SP "KB AR 31 December 1930" for the distribution of drugs.
  • "KB AR 22 January 1998" for the distribution of psychotropic substances.
  • AFSCA approved - foodstuffs.
  • "Medical Devices" approved.