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At COPHANA, in addition to the logistics services, we also deal with the invoicing of your products to the clients and track payments and refunds.

In this case, your products are stored on a consignment basis in our premises. We process the orders that are sent to us and we invoice the merchandise, either in your name (laboratory), or in our name (COPHANA).  At the end of the month, thanks to the real-time tracking of sales by Extranet, we send you your invoice.

COPHANA ensures that the general prices (wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacists, etc.) are fully maintained and, thanks to the system's high flexibility, can also manage the special conditions negotiated by your sales and marketing department, such as
- commercial discounts,
- special payment terms and conditions,
- or other commercial agreements.

COPHANA is already looking to the future, in terms of becoming paperless. We are already able to generate paperless invoices which you can then refer to online. We back up your paperless invoices.