Our mission, our values

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Our job : make Yours easier

Our mission: COPHANA offers integrated logistics services to health manufacturers, with a high degree of customisation and quality standards higher than market standards.


COPHANA likes to think that it is a trustworthy service provider to whom you can entrust all or part of your logistics, select different services to allow you to concentrate on the heart of your business. You can entrust the whole or partial organisation of your logistics to us with full confidence, and you will get a customised service in accordance with your specifications. We become your preferred partner, we fit in with your modus operandi and we follow your development. We define together the type of collaboration that you want to establish in order to best meet your specific needs and those of your clients. Thanks to our flexibility and our know-hoe, COPHANA is a service provider which adapts to your requirements and which will live up to your expectations.


Our basic values:


  • Service quality: diligence and efficiency, compliance with the standards established, and continually seeking to improve our services
  • Customisation of the service: flexibility, adaptation to the requirements of our clients and those of our clients' clients, empathy, customised commercial tracking
  • Reliability, compliance with the commitments made, credibility
  • Transparency by making clear, reliable and full tracking information available
  • Finally, proactivity which always pushes us forward. Our refusal to accept the status quo.