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COPHANA is a services company specialising in logistics and pharmaceutical distribution (drugs and nutrients).


In the distribution chain, COPHANA is positioned between the pharmaceutical laboratories and the distribution points. As illustrated in the diagram below, distribution can be done through wholesale redistributors or directly to the pharmacies, the hospitals, the health and beauty stores or the specialised points of sale. COPHANA has more than sixty client laboratories.

As a full logistics service provider, COPHANA offers a full range of services such as: storage, preparing orders, delivery, invoicing, tracking operations and other services with added value. We define, with you, the type of collaboration that you want, with our offer being customised for each client in order to best meet your specific needs.


COPHANA is located in La Louvière (in Le Hainaut in Belgium), in a very recent pharmaceutical logistics zone, ideally situated where major motorways converge. COPHANA offers its services to laboratories which sell their products in Benelux, but also on request to other European destinations.


COPHANA is a fast-expanding company which, over the last three years, has achieved a growth of more than 20% in its total flow

of business.




COPHANA is a team of more than twenty qualified professionals who are there to help you in your business.