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As a full logistics and distribution service provider, COPHANA offers a full range of services:

  • storage (in a temperate zone or in a refrigerated zone),
  • the preparation of orders (individualised, weighted, labelled and protected packages),
  • delivery to the final addressee (to the wholesale redistributor or directly to the pharmacy, hospital or other distribution point),
  • direct invoicing to the end client and refunds,
  • tracking operations,

and other services with added value (repackaging, labelling, promotional mailing, etc.)

All of these services are specialised and adapted for  specific products:

  • Cold storage for drugs where this is necessary,
  • Secure handling and transportation for fragile or dangerous products.


We therefore offer you a set of efficient services at optimised costs.

From all of these services, we define with you the type of collaboration that you want. Our offer is customised for each client in order to best meet your specific needs. We deal with your logistics tasks so that you can devote yourself fully to your business.

You can entrust us with the full organisation of your distribution chain "from order to cash".  Orders for end clients (wholesalers, hospitals, pharmacies, etc.) reach COPHANA directly which carries out the full distribution chain up to invoicing and tracking payment by the end client. We take care of coordinating all of the activities from A to Z. You have access to the tracking of all of these operations in a seamless manner.

Find out about our services in detail in the sections that follow.